InCred Wealth and Investment Services Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as "InCred Wealth") is engaged in the business of distribution of third party financial products or acts as a referral agent of third party financial products and services (“Investment Products”). InCred Wealth may earn fees, commissions from the manufacturers of Investment Products, and such manufacturers of Investment Products may also include group/associate companies of InCred Wealth. InCred Wealth does NOT provide investment advisory services in any manner or form nor does it issue any research report or a research recommendation or a personal recommendation.

InCred Wealth may discuss with you (“Client”) about Investment Products that are in line with your risk profile rating as maintained with us and inline with regulatory requirement. Investment Products are referred/ distributed by InCred Wealth on a non-discretionary and non-participation basis. Such discussion would be a service without any consideration by InCred Wealth to the Client and the final investment decision shall always exclusively remain with the Client. Client should independently evaluate the investment, risks and carry out the required due diligence prior to making any investment decision.

Investment Products are subject to market risks, including the possible loss of the principal amount invested. Past performance is not indicative of future results. There is no assurance or guarantee that the objectives of investment will be achieved.

The risks associated with the Investment products are mentioned in the product documentation supplied by the manufacturer of the Investment Products. Please read the relevant disclosure documents or Term Sheet or investment agreement or offer documents or prospectus or scheme information documents as applicable carefully before investing. The Client is solely responsible for consulting his/her/its own independent advisors as to the legal, tax, accounting and related matters concerning investments and nothing herein or in any communication shall constitute such legal, tax or accounting advice.

Disclaimers for Portfolio Reports/ Statements

Portfolio Reports/Statements are meant for the exclusive and confidential use of the addressee only. If you are not the intended recipient, please notify us immediately; you should not copy or use it for any purpose, nor disclose its content to any other person. Such reports are a compilation and prepared based on the latest and dated information made available to InCred Wealth by the Client and/ or the Investment Manager and/or Registrar & Transfer Agents and/or Securities Broker and/or other reliable sources on a best-effort basis. While effort are made to ensure the accuracy of information indicated in such reports, InCred Wealth, its affiliates, and its directors, officers, employees, agents or representatives neither guarantee nor make any representation or warranty, express or implied, with respect to the fairness, correctness, accuracy, adequacy, reasonableness, viability for any particular purpose or completeness of the information and shall have no liability whatsoever to any person on account of the use of information provided herein.

Client agrees and understands that internet transmission lines are not encrypted and that e-mail is not a secure means of transmission. Client is further advised that such unsecured transmission methods involve the risk of possible unauthorised alteration of data and/or unauthorised usage thereof for whatever purposes. Client agrees to exempt InCred Wealth, from, any and all responsibility/liability arising from such misuse and agree not to hold InCred Wealth, responsible for any such misuse and further agree to hold InCred Wealth, free and harmless from all losses, costs, damages, expenses that may be suffered by the Client due to any errors, delays or problems in transmission or unauthorised/illegal interception, alteration, manipulation of electronic data or otherwise caused by using e-mail as a means of transmission. Client is deemed to be aware of all security risks, including the risk of the contents of such report becoming known to third parties and the Client shall not hold InCred Wealth, in any way responsible for the same and agrees that the same shall not be considered as a breach by InCred Wealth, of any confidentiality obligations.

Portfolio diversification is an important tool to consider while making investment decisions. Concentrated positions may entail greater risks than a diversified portfolio. Certain factors that affect the assessment of whether your overall investment portfolio is sufficiently diversified may not be evident from a review that only includes your assets with InCred Wealth. It is therefore important that you carefully review your entire investment portfolio to ensure that it meets your investment goals and is well within your risk tolerance level, including your objectives for asset and issuer diversification. In case you feel there is a security / investment that is not in line with your Risk Profile, you are requested to review your portfolio with your Relationship Manager.

Disclaimer for held away assets /offshore funds where information of client portfolio holdings and transactions are not with InCred Wealth.

Portfolio details of Held away assets have been aggregated based on information provided by the Client. The accuracy, authenticity of the data including prices, maturity details and performance cannot be ascertained by InCred Wealth and the responsibility to provide correct information on such assets solely lies with the Client. The Client is responsible for updating the information on a regular basis including reporting every such transaction. InCred Wealth takes no responsibility for authentication of any such data provided by the Client. As sharing of information by Client on held away assets may not be secure, Client understands and acknowledges the risk of information being stolen or used by unauthorized persons. InCred Wealth cannot be held liable for unauthorised use of such information.

Information on Offshore Funds (invested in USD) are shown in the portfolio reports in INR values post using RBI reference rate for conversion for particular date. InCred Wealth updates such information based on details received from Client or on behalf of Client from Offshore Fund, where authorized to receive such information, and accuracy, authenticity thereof including prices/ values, maturity details and performance cannot be ascertained by InCred Wealth. InCred Wealth may / may not have acted as a referral agent for offshore investments and the same is shown in portfolio reports to help Client get a consolidated portfolio. Offshore product referred to Client are basis the interest shown by the Client.

Please notify us immediately and in any case within 7 days from date of receipt of any such report if you notice any error or discrepancy in the report.

You are advised to contact your Relationship Manager or contact us on operation@incredwealth.com, to clarify any questions you may have with regard to any information contained in the report.