HDFC Life Smart Pension Plus

  • Guaranteed* Annuity Income for whole of life

  • One plan catering to both Single and Joint Life

  • Wide range of Annuity options

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What are the unique features offered under HDFC Life Smart Pension Plus

  • Ensure a Guaranteed* Lifetime Annuity Income through Single or Limited premium payment term

  • A singular plan accommodating both Single and Joint Life options

  • Unified plan providing Immediate or Deferred Annuity choices

  • Customizable payout frequencies for receiving Annuity amounts – Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annually, or Annually

  • Four annuity alternatives available:

    • A. Lifetime Annuity
    • B. Lifetime Annuity with Partial Premium Return
    • C. Lifetime Annuity with Early Return Option
    • D. Incremental Annuity
  • Flexibility to defer Annuity payouts by selecting the Deferment Period

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • HDFC Life Smart Pension Plus is a conventional, unlinked, non-participating plan designed for individuals or groups seeking annuity savings. This plan ensures financial independence during retirement, providing a secure and regular income stream tailored to your preferences. It offers flexibility in annuity payouts, allowing you to choose between immediate or deferred options. Additionally, you can select the frequency of annuity payouts, opting for monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly modes, with the income disbursed according to your chosen preferences.

  • The Deferment Period commences from the policy's inception. Upon its conclusion, the first annuity payment is disbursed to the annuitant, retrospectively, based on the chosen frequency. The annuitant selects the deferment period at the policy's outset, which may differ from the premium payment term.

  • No, amendments to the policy terms are not permitted. Once chosen, the premium payment term and deferment period remain unchanged throughout the policy duration.

  • HDFC Life Smart Pension Plus offers the following key features:

    Guaranteed lifetime annuity income by paying premiums for a single or limited payment term

    One plan accommodating both Single and Joint Life options

    Single plan providing both Immediate and Deferred Annuity options

    Flexible payout options for receiving annuity amounts – monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly

    Four annuity options to select from:

    A. Life Annuity

    B. Life Annuity with Partial Premium Return

    C. Life Annuity with Early Return

    D. Incremental Annuity

    Option to defer annuity payouts by choosing the Deferment Period

    • *Annuity rate is fixed once the policy has been purchased and shall remain the same for the duration of the policy. Amount of guaranteed income will depend upon premiums paid subject to applicable terms and conditions.
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