Retirement Annuity Plans

What Are Retirement Annuity Plans?

Annuities offer a secure and steady income flow post-retirement, aiding in the accumulation of funds for future financial needs, usually during retirement. Annuity plan ensures a continuous stream of income for an individual over a designated time frame, commonly during their retirement years.

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  • Retirment: Annuity

    HDFC Life Systematic Retirement Plans

    UIN: 101N143V07

    A unique premium deferred annuity plan that offers flexibility in choosing the premium payment term, deferment period, and annuity payout date.

    • Make premium payments systematically for a predetermined limited term

    • Choose to delay annuity payouts by selecting the deferment period

    • Enjoy guaranteed2 income for your entire life

    • Select annuity payment frequency: monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly

    • Benefit from the option of receiving a Return of Total Premiums Paid in case of death.

  • Retirment: Annuity

    HDFC Life Pension Guaranteed Plans

    UIN: 101N118V11

    A single premium pension plan with single or joint life cover option to plan the financial security of 2 people.

    • Choose the purchase price you wish to pay and choose the annuity amount you wish to receive.

    • Choose single or joint life insurance4.

    • Choice to increase your annuity payout anytime through the Top up option.

    • Option to receive annuity monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly based on your financial needs.

    • Policy loan facility available under the plan

  • Retirment: Annuity

    HDFC Life Smart Pension Plus

    UIN: 101N173V06

    Introducing a comprehensive Non-Linked Non-Participating Individual/Group Annuity Savings Plan that provides extensive benefits, ensuring a worry-free retirement!

    • Enjoy guaranteed annuity income for your entire life by making premium payments for either a Single or Limited payment term

    • One plan designed to accommodate both Single and Joint Life scenarios

    • A single plan that offers the flexibility of both Immediate Annuity and Deferred Annuity

    • Choose from a range of payout options for receiving your annuity amount: Monthly, Quarterly, Half-yearly, or Yearly

    • Select from 4 annuity options tailored to your needs

    • Flexibility to defer annuity payouts by selecting the desired deferment period.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • InCred Wealth website offers the facility to purchase HDFC Life Retirement Annuity plans through our platform. Customers can enter their details on our website, and our Relationship Manager will reach out to them to complete the purchase process.

  • The annuity rate denotes the pace at which an insurance company or financial institution will furnish periodic payments to an individual in return for a lump sum or scheduled premium disbursements. This rate hinges on various elements, encompassing the individual's age, anticipated lifespan, and prevailing interest rates at the time of annuity procurement. The annuity rate dictates the sum the individual will obtain from the arrangement and may fluctuate based on the type of annuity and the precise stipulations outlined in the annuity agreement.

  • Determining the suitability of an annuity as an investment hinges on individual financial objectives, situation, and risk tolerance. While these schemes offer a secured income flow during retirement, catering to those seeking dependable income, it's essential to meticulously assess the attributes and expenses associated with annuities before reaching a conclusion.

  • Determining annuity payments involves considering various factors such as the initial investment amount, duration of the payment period, and the interest rate applied for payment calculation. The precise formula utilized for calculating annuity payments may differ based on the annuity type—whether fixed or variable—and the terms of the annuity. Utilizing an annuity calculator can aid in estimating annuity payments.

  • In India, annuities are subject to specific limits and regulations. For instance, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) imposes guidelines governing annuity plans provided by insurance firms in the country. These regulations might encompass restrictions on the minimum and maximum ages for annuity purchase, the maximum premium sum, and the range of annuity payment amounts

    • 1. As per Income Tax Act, 1961. Tax benefits are subject to changes in tax laws.
    • 2. Amount of guaranteed income will depend upon premiums paid subject to applicable terms and conditions.
    • 3. Available only under ‘Life Annuity with Return of Purchase Price on diagnosis of Critical Illness’ option.
    • 4. In the case of Joint Life annuities the payout continues till either of the lives chosen in the policy is alive.
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